Levin The Dream

by Moral Turpentine

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EP for 'Levin The Dream' gig facebook.com/events/1654503024780537/
DIY CD with poster insert, edition of 20 available at the gig.


released September 27, 2015

Billy- Vox
Dan- Bass
Matai- Drums/Vox

All songs by Moral Turpentine:
Lyrics- Billy
Music- Dan & Matai

Recorded by Moral Turpentine in the jam shed, Napier.
Produced by Matai.
D.I.Y all the way..!




Moral Turpentine Napier, New Zealand

Three fiends of filth... The Hawke's Bay has spawned a monster from the bile of it's own hatred and waste. Shove your lives up your ass and swallow a fucking crucifix because Moral Turpentine is coming to cleans your sins and leave scars!


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Track Name: Hastings
Here I sit
This derelict emotional machine
I grew up in Hastings
So I gave up on my dreams
You can't make me hurt
I'll never fuckin' bleed
Hastings is derelict, self-absorbed, obscene!

You, you, you
You cookie-fucking-cutter
I wanna see you hurt
Wanna see you bleed
Wanna see your brains
Smashed in the gutter
I see you value money
I value being free!
Track Name: Penis Man
Hey Penis Man you're like a dick on a leash
You pull the foreskin back, a cheesy grin underneath
You know you're the man, to fuck is your plan
Sewing wild oats is your propagation scam

You got a penis, man, but does that make you a man?
Passed out in the hallway, seduced by your scam
You're not done, but you've done enough
You're not done, but you've done enough

Thinking with your prick, and acting like a cock,
What a base level existence
Bottom feeding lowlife
Fuckin' oxygen thief, shit, fuck, die
What a waste of fucking time
You're not done, but you've done enough
Track Name: Killing Fuckin' Crimbos
You Christians fucking sicken me
Weak cowards scared stiff by real life
Fucking pussies, faggot haters, bigots
This is not a practice run
Run, run, run
You'd better fucking run
You're out of time
The control is gone
Even the sheep are sick of your shit
Sluts, sellouts, what kind of a weak-willed person needs the threat of
Eternal damnation to be a half-decent person?
You hide behind your dogma
And you stick out like tits on a bull
This is not persecution
This is annihilation!
And we're all along
For the fucking ride

I'll see you piss blood out of every orifice
I'll see you in the mud, dying in your penitence

Track Name: Bone Picker
Ruin the illusion
I breathe pure pollution
I am pure destruction
Pick the bones from the land, drinking blood, eating sand
Follow man with the bomb in his hands
Follow man with black gold on his hands

I am the bone picker
Watch the blood get thicker
As it congeals between my teeth
I keep getting bigger as humans get sicker
Their blood lust supplies my feast

Like a death by a thousand small wounds
You cannot escape, you are wholly consumed
By the bloodstained red, white and blue
By the bloodstained red, white and blue

Plagued by the stench of sulfur-fueled death songs
No chance of redemption
Bits of your husband lie dead in the sun
My work here has only begun
Bits of your husband and parts of your sun
The murder has only begun
Track Name: Skate Or Die Inside
Say what you want about me
At least I've got my own cigarettes
I feel more empty than dead inside
And my skateboard's falling to bits

I go and skate for an hour and I'm pretty much fucked for a week
All I want is blood and wood beneath my fucking feet!

Bred into a state of social apathy but my skateboard's coming with me
Bred into a state of social apathy but my skateboard's coming with me